Calling all Sappers

I am developing this site because I'm a sapper and I know how hard it can be to find old friends, I'd like this to be the place to find anyone who served with you in the Royal Engineers. This site is free, paid for by me and hopefully always will be. To search for another Royal Engineer, use the "Find your mates" link above.  

Every week, over 100 searches for people take place on this site.  Are your old sapper mates looking for you?  Can you be found?

You will not show up as a member of the Corps of Royal Engineers on this site until you record some details of the squadrons or units you've served with in your work history.

A units all start with TA before the unit number.  Australian units all start with AUS.

Only registered members can see email contact details for other users, and all you need is an email address, you do NOT give your postal address, bank details or any other personal stuff.  We're Sappers, not bankers.  To get to the right forums, just select the right squadron from the Sqn link or the member search link, there should be a forum created for every individual unit.

Wanted: General Fitter for decking company based in Poole Dorset. - You will be working for a Leisure Services company in Poole and will be travelling all over the South West with trips away to the North and other areas of the UK to take part in Event such as the Hull Show, Beaulieu show and New Forest Show etc.
You will be working with a team leader (until you have proved your worth) and then you will be upgraded according to your output.
You:  Will be over 25.  Full driving licence  Familiar with power tools  Have your own power tools (Not absolutely Essential)  Be able to work alone or in a team of two+  Willing to work as a SELF EMPLOYED worker.  Be able to understand Drawings/plans  Be able to work some unsocial hours and possible weekends  You will be working outside
What you will get:  Ability to earn £800/week  Vehicle  Fuel card  A full weeks work  plenty of over time  backing of the management  

Apply to - Neil Grace BSc (Hons)
General Manager
Morgan Johns Leisure Services Ltd
Chalwyn Industrial Estate
BH12 4PE
Tel: 01202 736792