Calling all Sappers

I developed this site because I'm a sapper and I know how hard it can be to find old friends, I'd like this to be the place to find anyone who served with you in the Royal Engineers. This site is free, paid for by me and hopefully always will be. To search for another Royal Engineer, use the "Find your mates" link above.  

Newsflash - 16th July - click the chat button if you can help please

This may be looking for a needle in a haystack, but you never know. Someone may just be able to help me. 
My name is Lee Hall. I was in JLRRE from oct 87-88 during which time i was team leader of the gymnastics display team.
I have been diagnosed terminally ill with hopefully up to a year to live. A tv production team are doing a documentry of my life (and death) in what will should be an eye opener to people that being terminally ill isn't the end of your life, just the start of whats left of it. And to enjoy what you have left.
I'm hoping that someone may have some pics or even a video as we used to travel all over the country doing displays. We even recorded a buisness commercial in London.
Any help would be great. And thanks in advance. REspect to all.


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