Calling all Sappers

I am developing this site because I'm a sapper and I know how hard it can be to find old friends, I'd like this to be the place to find anyone who served with you in the Royal Engineers. This site is free, paid for by me and hopefully always will be. To search for another Royal Engineer, use the "Find your mates" link above.  

Part 2 Orders - You will not show up as a member of this site until you record some details of the squadrons or units you've served with in your work history.  TA units all start with TA before the unit number.  Australian units all start with AUS.

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Hurrah for the CRE - and please see the notice from Jennifer below.  You can contact her if you search for "Kehoe" in the "Find your mates" page, then click on her first name in the results page.



NEWSFLASH - 23rd March 2014

Hi Gordon, 

I am still serving at 28 Engineer Regiment and have the honour of writing the official Regimental History to commemorate the Regiment disbanding this summer. It is a challenge to find good stories and accurate information on more recent times in the Regiment as the Army stopped requiring detailed annual diaries to be kept after the Korean War.  I would welcome any information, pictures, and stories from any of your members to try and make this book as accurate and interesting as possible. 


I am writing the Regimental History, which consist of both the official records of the Regt and the informal memories of those who served at 28. I am trying to gather as many stories, memories and photos as possible to bring the book to life. Please share this amongst the sapper community and get in touch if you think you can help. Thank you, 

Jennifer Kehoe.  (Capt)