13 Command Workshop REME

This unit only existed until 1962 - it was renamed after that.  Any info gratefully received


16 Para Bde PCCU

16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE was stationed in Arnhem Barracks Aldershot certainly in the 1965 to 69 period and provided postal support to the whole of 16 Indep Para Bde including such units as 7RHQ, all three Para Battalions, Depot Airborne Forces, 216 Para Sigs, 16 Para Wksps REME and 16 Para Tpt Sqn RCT.

Posted MArch 2014 - 

Just to let you know the unit had actually moved to Bulford from Aldershot prior to me passing ‘P’ coy in '71 and qualifying as a Parachutist RE.  Although I did “pre para” selection in Aldershot with 9th Indep Para Sqn RE, I initially served with the16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE, who at the time were based in Bulford.  Eventually I transferred to a 9 SQN, and am in touch with the SQN guys thru the AEA etc.

16 Indep Para Bde PCCU RE was a unique little outfit, (and recall there was only actually five or six Para posties serving during my time in Bulford); and I am desperately trying to locate any of them who were at the in "Bulford" at the same time.

Many Thanks


Dave S. Smith

29 EOD and Search Group

Again I have no knowledge of the size or makeup of this group so I can't put it here.  PLease let me know what I'm missing.  REgards, Gordon



This was the old training regt before Gib Barracks opened at Camberley in 1979.  Basic Training MT Training was carried out at the old Gibralter Barracks 50/60s


56 Squadron

This is the main page for the squadron or unit. More info will be added here as I get the time, but for now it's a "base" for establishing comms with other members of the same unit. You can post messages for other members of the same unit using the messages link above this blurb, and you can also search for other members of this unit. Once you find them, click on their name to send an email direct to them. Please note that this website doesn't "remember" your emails, they are sent direct from you to the recipient without getting in the way. That helps you get in touch quickly and it keeps everything simple and free. Have fun. Gordon

9 Squadron

I believe this was generally referred to as 9 Para, but I'm not sure if it has always been so?  Just in case, I have left off all references to Para, Indep, Cdo, Airborne, Airfield, Support, Hug, Pugh or Barney McGrue, and the unit is simply referred to as 9sqn on this site.  I'm sure you're all smart enough to work out if you served with these people or not!

I have had an interesting email from Trevor Stimpson - formerly of 20 Sqn, explaining how some people from 20 Sqn were attached to 9Sqn for a time.  Most of them will have registered under 20 Sqn, but I thought I'd copy it here for those who haven't.  You can find a link to Trevor's 20 Sqn website for these guys here


The Airborne Engineers Scotland branch now has 37 members who, although mainly reside in close proximity to Edinburgh, are spread the length and breadth of Scotland. We also act as a 'mother branch' to several members in England, Australia, Thailand and Canada. Our Branch members have served in various units, including 4 Parachute Squadron R.E., 9 Independent Parachute Squadron R.E., 131 Parachute Engineer Regiment, and 131 Independent Parachute Squadron R.E.  You can find them here -

 Meetings take place at 1300 hrs. on the third Sunday of every second month from January, within The Royal British Legion, Central Branch, Rodney Street, Edinburgh. Please come and join us at one of our meetings, you will be made very welcome.

Aldershot Staff Band

I've added this unit at the request of Len Ostheimer, who rightly pointed out that there was no particular way to find other band members on the rest of the site.  I know nothing about the band, how big it is or how long it's been established etc, so if any of you could take a minute away from your melody making to let me have some info to put here, I'd appreciate it.  REgards, Gordon


Base Workshops REME

Sorry to have a REME unit here - apparently some sappers were attached there in the 50s, 60s or 70s.






Boys Squadron

This is a holding page for this unit until someone sends me some interesting information to put here.  Thanks



This page is here so you can add CVHQ to your service history.  I had the following from Perry Dawson, but if you can tell me more then please drop me an email.

CVHQRE is central volunteer headquarters Royal Engineers. They were mainly Regular Soldiers, based at Minley manor. Supported by NRPS and members of 111 Engr as and when required ( advance / rear party, G10, collecting vehicles etc) They were the admin and  training wing for all the TA specialist units based there. (111 Engr Regt comprised of 130 & 120 Fld Sqns, 198 park Sqn and attached Personnel). Plus you had the STRE Units.

From the training side, CVHQRE had CI, SMI and PSI's.  Admin had Chief Clerk, pay, joining instructions etc.

QM, RQMS etc was also based at Minley. The PSI Chef was borrowed from 1 & 3 training Regt accross the road at Gib Barracks.

Hope this helps.
Perry Dawson, (Donkey)


HQ 8 Engr Bde - CIS Tp

Created at the request of Ryan Westwood, this page is a holding page for this unit until someone gives me some more info to post here.  In the meantime, you can add photos to the squadron page and make sure you're mentioned in the history!  REgards,



RETA (Training Unit for TA)

The unit (5 people) is based in Buller Barracks, Aldershot it is the link between Regular and RE TA Training, its headed by an Retd Major with 4 Regular RE WO2 in post, the chain of command comes under HQ E in C, Gib Barracks.

4 Regular QMSI who look after RE TA Trade Training for MT, Sigs, Plant and Combat.