2 Inf Div

This is a holding page for this unit until I get some idea of what to put here.


34 Fd Hospital

This is just the temporary holding page for this unit, because I don't have any information to put up for it.  Feel free to send me some to gordon@sappers.co.uk, and I'll put up whatever information we get.  In the meantime, please look into your work history and put it on, then use this squadron members' page to find other people who served in this unit too.  Good luck,  Gordon


Movement Control

This is a "catch-all" unit for those involved in Movement Control, and takes in places like Northern Command Movement Area in York amongst others.  I felt it was the easiest way to group people from Movement Control together so you can find each other without too much searching, but if you've got a better idea then I'm happy to change this to suit you.  Remember, this is YOUR site to use, I'm just paying for it and hopefully making it work.  If you've got any other info on what units this would encompass, please email them to me using the contacts link on the main menu.  REgards, Gordon