Sangro Troop, B Squadron, Winter 1971

Terry O'sullivan
Sangro Troop B Squadron. Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Engineers Winter 1971


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Terry O'sullivan

They were the days.


Hi Terry,

Thought I would fill in a gap here. I'm probably the only Troop member absent from that one as I was in the Sick Bay with Tonsillitis. J/Spr C Saunders. I have the same photo on my living room wall out here in Oz with a re-typed list of names, stating I was absent (sick). Fond memories and a great bunch of lads. I often wonder what they are doing now. I know poor Andy was killed in the Falklands. I met his parents many years ago in Gillingham where he came from. I know Mick Dobson is still around and active with the JL Branch REA. I also know a large number went on to have successful Military careers and many reached the rank of WO and beyond, which is exactly what we were supposed to become. I finished up as an LE Officer in the Eng reserves and resigned in 2003 to emigrate to Oz. Thanks for putting that up Terry.I don't do the face book stuff so this is a great way of keeping in touch. I hope to come across in 2019, I think it is? when the JL branch celebrates 20 years.

Steve Follows

I was in was in C Squadron at the Time (Steve Follows) but certainly remember some of the lads on the photo (Roger Laing etc.)Those where the days!


Minor correction their Steve. It was (Bob)Laing. He became Junior RSM and passed out with my course 8 in Spring 73. Another photo on my wall!

Dave McDonnell

I have this same photo in my collection and recall it well though memory fades on many other things from that time. I finished my time as SSM 49 Fd Sqn (EOD) at Wimbish. I wonder how many of us in that photo went on to full and (in terms of what the JLRRE was set up for) successful careers in the Corps. A good mate of mine from that photo is Bill McCullough and I often wonder what happened to him. Do you have a photo of the Spring 73 photo? I think that I was in the course but am not sure. Hope all is well, Best, Dave


Hi Dave. Remember you well and Bill McCullough (Stocky Scots lad I seem to remember). If I recall your dad was serving in the Corp at the time? The photo you mentioned has just been posted again by one of the lads in it and I have responded accordingly. I am still in contact with Tony Krasij (crunch) from our intake and that's about it. Would love to catch up with all the guys we joined up with one day. Best thing I ever did.All the best Mac.