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Happy Days

No6 TRRE was the first 2 week start to my NS (17th Sept 1953 to 15 Sept 1955)then it was on to No1 TRRE where beside the square bashing I trained to be a clerk. This period was from end September to Christmas 1953. Found this place to be quite good except for the grub. Square bashing was "quite good" if one enjoyed the Malvern Hills from the parade ground. Anybody remember Cpl Billam one of the traing nco's (one of the better ones). New Year 1954 found me posted to 109 Army Engr Regt (RE TA) at Cardiff. Now that was enjoyable.

1TRRE Malvern

Hi Eccles

I was posted to 1TRRE down in Malvern in November 1956. I did my 2 weeks National Service square bashing and then a further 16 weeks Engineer Training. One of our Lance Corporals was a bloke named Tilley who took a dislike to me having been in the Army Cadet Force, I was deemed to know everything, which he did not like. I was then posted down to Barton Stacey for movement on the troopship Asturius to Singapore. I then went on up to Hong Kong with 4 other Sappers and was posted to 56 Fld Sqn part of 24 Fld Engr Regt which was part of the 48 Ghurka Infantry Brigade. I did a stint up in Korea with the 1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment in Gloucester Valley before returning to Hong Kong on the Landing Ship Frederick Clover . The Regiment embarked for Blighty in May '58 and I was posted to 54 Ind Fld Sqn. I returned to Blighty in 1960 and was demobed at Chatham the same day as disembarking the troopship Oxfordshire. Be pleasedd to have a chat with you especially regarding the 1TRRE in Malvern.
Until the next time
Regards to you
Sapper Bill
Email: bill.purcell@yahoo.co.uk

1 Trg Regt

Anyone on here go through GIB on intake 88/7 or 88/11? Would love to track down any old muckers, i was MD'ed due to a fall down the side of the stairway during a beasting, sound familiar anyone?

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3 TRRE Cove

Anyone still alive from 55 Party 1966 ?

1 TRRE Malvern 1955

Anyone still going who was in 1 TRRE in 1955 and have a photo of the camp?.

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I have a photo of 108 Clerks

I have a photo of 108 Clerks Party at Malvern 1953 with a hut in the background. I'm new to this site but hope to add it later with other photos.

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