76c pot apps


Howard John Foster

I would like to contact Kevin Peel or any of the fine fellows of the best intake ever which was 73C. If anyone wants to meet for a beer after this covid19 thing is over that would be fantastic.

Howard John Foster

It would be nice to catch up with members of 51 sqn who were at Waterbeach or Ripon 1975 to 1978. Hope to see you soon.

Ian Coombs

It’s been many years but I was in 51 from 76-80..
I was in 1 troop at The beach..then Plant troop for the remainder.. mainly attached to 2 troop in NI..I think I remember you, nothing personal but I cannot recall many from my time..hope it’s not Alzheimer’s haa.. I will look through what few photos I have from those times..hope you find a few mates through this..!!
Regards Ian