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old friends

My name is Angus Donaldson but was better known as Jock and served from 1970, straight from the factory, until 1974. I believe there is a squadron re-union every year in Blackpool so if anyone can tell me any info on this would be grateful. Would also like to hear from any one who remembers me

James Jim Wade
33 Independent Field Squadron

I served with the MT section of above unit from 1959 to 1962. The unit was based at Limasol at
first but moved to the outskirts of Dhekelia.The unit was mainly national service personnel.
Our explosives officer was the famous Blashford-Snell.The MT boss was staff sergeant Appleby.Anyone who might remember me and would like to get in touch thro, e mail. Jimg0iri@aol.com

33 reunion

Aye Up Angus
Just seen this post - 33 have a weekend in Blackpool coinciding the Remembrance Weekend, you just missed it this year. It starts on a Friday and finshes normally Sunday lunch or Monday morning! If you go on Facebook look for - I'm a SapperI'm Ubique and ask to join you will get updates there for the next one.

Somebody mentioned Blashford Snell????????

He was the CO at the JLRRE at Dover when I was on the RP staff in the mid 70s.... Helped a bit when he started Operation Drake the pre cursor to Operation Rayleigh, drove a staff car through central London late at night with the back seat full of weapons (about 50) Gave the policeman outside Parliament a scare when I stopped and asked if there was a toilet I could use????

Andrew Britten
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Blashers was CO and the RSM was a great guy by the name of Hank Mansley. The CofE Padre was Basil Pratt who later went off to serve with the Regiment I believe. Great yorkshireman of a bloke who rode his Harley down the aisle of the Church one Sunday.

Sapper 825
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Blashford Snell

Blashford Snell was a Lieutenant in charge of Kohima Troop, C Sqn, Junior Leaders Regiment around 1962. I have photo of our troop
with him if anyone wants to see it.

Blshford Snell

I was in C Sqn then with punchy Robinson Rolo Rawlings I cant remember any more names and Exercises in PIPPINGFORD PARK

Sapper 825
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Blashford Snell and C Sqn.

I remember Punchy, he was a J/Sgt as I remember and Rollo rings an bell. I have the Kohima Troop Passing Out picture with all the signatures on the back - Ginger Walls, Chris Carpenter, Roy (Pat) Cushway, Kenya Ford, Paddy Smith, Paddy Martin, Mike (Doc) Livingstone some more I can't read now. I was known as Hyphen at the time because of my double barrelled name.

Hello! My name is Steven L.

Hello! My name is Steven L. Weeks, I served with the MT section 1963 to 1968. Our explosives officer was Brian Willey. Looking for my old friends that I lost contacts, those are Berry Smiths and George Newman. If you ever see this post, please send me an essaywriting letter or some notification. Miss you my buddies!

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