June 1976, Waterbeach, Frankenstein Hangar

John Glendinning


John Glendinning

Summer 1976 Waterbeach Bks Frankenstein Hanger

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bj warwick

We as REs helped form 52/53/63 sqns. In 1966 I was posted from 48 in Ripon to 52 sqn. Where we took over from the RAF. Roads and airfields dept. Then had some plant courses on airfield construction. We done a tour of Ireland and I was then posted to 53 sqn. before going to the BVI Beef Island for 9 months, then back to UK before going to Sharjah , I then spent the first 3 months of that posting up country at Salalah a very interesting posting it was too, back to Sharjah for the rest of the tour then of to Germany for the rest of my 9 years service finishing up at Nienberg then Hohne Bergen.