RE VETS v DRC VETS Annual Rugby Game Hannover

1 July 2017

This is for RE Vets to Promote our Annual Game against our DRC Vets Friends in Hannover & in Memory of Kenny Moxon RIP , who played For Corp & DRC in his time ! All Chat & photo's promoting Or showing Our long standing British / German friendship aRE Welcome. It is a Run out on "The Field dREams !" Raising a 3rd half glass or 40 ! to REmember Kenny & our REpentless desiRE to grace "The Field dREams !" with DRC Vets !

Full info of Facebook Group RE VETS v DRC VETS Annual Rugby Game
If inteREsted in joining us for a gREat weekend (NO one has REgREted it !) PM me Mo Morley on FB, / friend REquest with intention to join & I will add you to the Group / event RE Vets v DRC Vets Sat 1 july 2017