Personnel of 1 Movement Control Squadron/Group RE(V) AER

I was in this Group Squadron from 1953 to 1961. Apart from TerrY Dapp, The names that I
remember at my advanced years are: OC Maj Cook RE(V), 2i/c Capt Fitzpatrick RE(V), SSM WO2
Les Yates, Sgt Len Tunmore Roy Collard, Sgt 'PoP' Hextall. There were more of course but these are the names I remember. At one time we had a Capt Smith- Peterson who I believe
was a director of The Bergen Shipping Line.
The OC when I joined was a senior member of the staff of British European Airways(Afraid his name escapes me)Another name was Cpl(?) De Coverley (yes he was known as Sir Roger) He was an actor. He vanished early on and re-appeared as 2ND LT Wilkins.


Trying to track down all ex movers to add them to our growing database of all movers also have a large collection of movements collectables in our archive please email me on or check out movement control Facebook page