Cpl Carl (Dixie) Dixon

Anyone around Nienburg between 1964 and 1967?



I was in 4 fld from 1964 to 68. Cant remember which troop but had [first] Blackjack as my troop sgt..then Jock Sword. I also remember that the QM was an Arnham original and quite a character. Lastly ..who could forget the RP Sgt..Lawson..smarmy little sod..lol

That would be right. Black Jack vowls (or similar) was my troop S/Sgt. I had the `privilege` or having him as my commander APC `Tobruk`. RSM Stack ruled and I saw him tear into Lawson on one occasion, didn't see Lawson for weeks after. I was 3 troop MT NCO around 66 I think. got my second stripe around 68 and posted as Brigadiers driver HQ 12 Brigade, Barton Stacey. Can recall a few names in 3 troop, Jock Scot, Jock Preston, Earnie Stenninger, Tony Sear, Yorkie Ancliffe, Taff Davies. Not sure you will get this but if you do I hope you are OK. Ping me on carl45@hotmail.co.uk