neinburg 1966-- 1969

anybody on site from this period



Does anyone know where to Find Ginge Feury We were in 3tp 4 Sqn between 1978 and 1982 before being posted to 3TRRE Gibralter Bks where we lost contact in 1985 after I was posted to 51 Sqn Ripon

i was in HQ troop then 1troop 4fldsqn 1967 to 1971

I was 3 troop MT NCO in 67 and got posted to the UK december 67 so we may not have brushed shoulders.
do you remember staff sgt `BlackJack` Vowells?

you never forget that man i am in contact with l/cpl alan revell 1 tp mt sec ron (gt)taylor 1tp mt john antcliff hq tp mt storeman and rowsell i did not know this man if you more info my email is

`Yorkie` ??
def sounds like him, any chance you can pass me on to him?

Hi Carl,
I don't know if you remember me,I can't place you,but come to that I can't even remember what troop I was in.
BUT I do remember blackjack, he was a full Cpl when I knew him, very intelligent but mad as a box of frogs.
He tried to throw me out of the 1st floor washroom window cause somebody hosepiped the windows after I'd cleaned them.
I used to think he had rabies because of the way he frothed at the mouth when he screamed at you.I felt sure he would get a posting to Netley one day.
But I see the rank of s/sgt mentioned.?
Do you remember Jim Lawson the Provost Sgt?

Def a s/sgt in `64+, never forget the grinding of teeth!! I think you must have been in Nienburg before 64 if he was full screw.
Jim Lawson will never be forgotten! jumped up little git!!

I'm afraid your confused. Black Jack was a staff sergeant in 1967. The chap you are referring to was Giordie Howes.
Regards Bryan Rowsell

I was posted into 3 troop 4 sqn in february 1964,MT NCO until I left, posted to HQ 12 Brigade late 1967 where I took over from a guy name of Rob as Brigadier Marston Tickells driver.
My nickname was `Dixie or Dickie` AKA Cpl Carl Dixon. A few names ring bells but putting faces to them is something else!

just made contact with Tony Sear if anyone is looking for him. I would be interested in contacting John `Yorkie` Antcliffe, `Taffy` Davies, `Tex`, `Geordie` Vasey (could be spelt wrong),Ray Cargil (married Issabell),or anyone else from 3 troop 4 sqn from feb 64 - 67

I remember Taff Davies giving Geordy Aurther and Geordys mate a good hiding at the same time using a steel helmet .Taff had just been posted to 3troop.I think I worked with Geordy Vasey on the officers golf club at Hohner or Verdun Geordy was a joiner I was a bricklayer I still am.i didn't get on with him all that well .He was a bully iff it's the Geordy Vasey I'm thinking off?

I joined 3 troop 4 Sqn in Feb 64, posted out to HQ 12 brigade 67

When I arrived in Nienburg late 67 I was a storeman and ended up in MT store, I was told about Yorkie Antcliff as he had only just left 4 sqn. Strange to have a very similar name alas I am not he.

When I arrived in Nienburg late 67 I was a storeman and ended up in MT store, I was told about Yorkie Antcliff as he had only just left 4 sqn. Strange to have a very similar name alas I am not he. But I remember Black Jack and Stevens maybe they were just misunderstood ????

thought i had seen the last of this nasty man when he was posted in 1967? posted to paderborn 1970 reported to sqn office and there was black jack ssm.hated all us engineers posted to reme workshops in the end they transfered us all to 44 sqn

I never new him, thank you lord. But my mate Geordy Turner wrote me to say they had a new s ,sgt Vowles then he described him with a long list of swear words and finished off saying he couldn't find the right word to describe jack sounds about right to me

After reading the above comments about Black Jack brought back some bad memories! Myself and another driver were going to Crookham for our B11 drivers course. As usual we were given flights for the Friday and to report in on Monday at Crookham. We needed passes for the weekend and went to the SSM's office to get them signed. Much to our horror the A/SSM was Vowles who said to us "You can't go to Cove like that, get your hair cut". After TWO visits to the barber we both looked like we had just come out of jail! He signed the leave passes and after an hour we were summoned back to his office where he promptly torn the passes up! Can't remember his excuse the b*st*rd. We went to Cove to get passes for the weekend and turned up at Crookham Monday morning where the chief clerk took one look at us and said " I bet you two are from 4 Sqdn "!!

My name is Bryan Rowsell. I served in 2 troop 4 Field Sqn from early 1967 until mid 1970.