Lost Friend

Hi all from 1968-70 period i am trying to track down my old mate
Eddy Appleyard last time i saw him was in Sgts mess Paderborn
I believe he was in 25 at that time?.
We served in Willich together around 1965-66.
Regards all
23534963 Hank Lawrence



Hi guys, I'm looking for Ray Bennett. Served during late 80's. Wifes name was Petra. Anybody got contact or any info please drop me a message on here or through FB. (Bamping)

Looking for anyone who was in 25 field sqn RE between 1969 and 1975.Please ring me Vic Good 07754111864

Hi Vic. Just rejoined the site and saw your post. I was in 25 from November 1969 (after passing out from 69/6 party) until 1973. I think I got posted to Maidstone just after getting back from Castlereagh. REgards. John

Please contact me Vic Good if you served at Paderborn or Iserlohn between 1969 and 1975.
Phone me on 07754111864

HI Vic hope you are well do you remember me Harry/Paddy Reader I hope you are well?

Take care



HI Vic I was at Iserlohn 71/74. I was in MT. Drove Capt Skinner then ended up SSM Vowles (Black jack)Ferret Driver for my sins. Posted out march 74

I served in 2 Troop, 25 Fld Sqn from 71-75, any one serving from that time please get in touch with me, Monty Fry on 01472-320821, I am in touch with about 20 from that time and we get together every year for a good old bevy.


33 have a reunion in Blackpool every year to coincide with Remembrance - me & Alfie Murray will be there this year - but dont let that put you off coming. REgards - Geordie.

I was in 33 Ind Fld Sqn from Nov 75 until April 77 then demobbed.Send me the info and dates please.
Cheer.s Monty Fry.

My e-mail is m.fry3@ntlworld.com


Message sent to your email - REgards

Hi Vic ,Only just joined this site and checking out the comments I saw your post. I was in 25 squadron Paderborn from 1966 to 1970 Roger Smart (smarty)