any info on...

After scrolling down the members lists from 30 Fld and 7 Fld Sqn there were a few names missing that i was looking for from between 1971-1974 in Hohne and i would like any info on them if poss please.

Alan Eaton (from Preston)30 sqn
Bernie Barber (from Rochdale)30 sqn
Stew Tasker (from London)30sqn
Jock Farquarson (from Wick)7sqn
Bobby Unsworth (from Sunderland,Ford estate)7sqn
Mo Robinson (from Dundee) HQ sqn Search team in NI,1974

Anyone remember the joint work project for the local civvies in Ashau, Bavaria in the Spring of 1971 using PE 808 to widen a track out to a width of 2 metres right around a mountain side?