73 indep fld sqn

not much mention anywhere of the fact that 73 were an independant fld sqn for a while in osnabruck, felt pretty good being in an independant sqn, especially by pissing off the RSM when we had to visit roberts barracks, they hated us wearing our stable belt over the jersey.it never failed to get a reaction.



Happend at Chattendean as well while doing search team training the o c Major Spencer Lane-Jones had to get involved(any one remember him top bloke)

Yes 73 indep was a great squadron, I like many others volunteered when it formed up in Roberts barracks Osnabruck in 1976 after moving from Hameln, with he best times being across town in Quebec barracks . Yes the stable belts upset the establishment but not as much as the sewn on Engineer cap badge, which was very short lived. Yes Major Lane-Jones was a top bloke but Major Gregor Campbell was a legend, having these sort of guys in charge put us in brilliant positions for snatching the best jobs.

Yes the squadron was one of the best to serve in .I joined with Major Gregor Campbell toke
over and served a couple of month if any one can rember me get in contact.

Hello anyone from 73 ind fld sqn!!
Yes i was there between 77 to 80 and i'm having trouble trying to locate so old commrades.
I was based at quebec barracks and fond memories of that period. Sadly i have no photos of this part of my youth and if anybody knows me!! Joe Cole i would be great to here from you.
Sadly like most squadrons quite a few have been dispanded or almalgamated hense why its is hard to track people down.

i remember you from 73 squadron.i went to your engagement party in maidestone i believe. would be great to hear from you.dave pascoe.

i had aa ball with 73, it was my first posting as an 18 year old as a r.e.m.e fitter but lads quickly 'broke' me in was a time i still often talk about played rugby with stodge hodgkinson and marty johnston etc would love to hear from any one, am still not an alky but how i survived i will never know

mac mc dermott

Hi Mac I remember stog and yourself my name is Mac mcluskey and I used to play wing

Mac, I remember you, I was in MT with Pete Kinchett and Bo Beaumont,Pad Hunter, Ginge Cowling, Phil Constable, Mac McLoud, then moved to plant troop on the tenny,s pretty sure you drove them too.
some great times in the Sqn Bar

anybody remember us,the paddys?

yeah I remember you lot we have a fb page now its called 73 Indep Fd Old Boys have a look

Was with 73 from the start, ham, Roberts, qubeck, looked for face book page cant find.

Moved to 73 in Roberts Barracks from 64, was in Castle Dillon (and Lisnaskea for a few weeks), good times.

joena. There are several Sapper FB Sites I'm on most Sapper Chris Iggy Higgins join anyone of them and ask about 73 Indep Sqn I'll find you and anyone else and direct you to the Sqns FB page.

Hi all - if you click the CHAT link at the top of any page, it takes you to a large Facebook group and they will know where each of the other groups are or how to join them

Hi- I'm trying to find my Grandads (Philip Alfred Richards)
old war friends the information I know so far - his nickname in army- Hank. he was in the army from 1951 to 1953 and was in the chief engineers branch. He was what they called a 'sapper', he drove the chief engineer around in a jeep reg- 35YH17. He served his time in Hong Kong, he got to know 4 others of which I'd love to find... Information about them:
Ted Tanner - From London roughly 80 years old. went to Hong kong then had to go off to Kowloon. Sid Parry- from London, roughly 80 years old.
'Gordie' Adams- Geordie was his nick name, from Newcastle, around 83 years old.
______ stanner/stanna, first name unknown, from leicestershire.
If anyone has ANY information to help me find them I would be very grateful! Thanks x 07925296096

Mac i also was in MT and you are right i used to drive the 10 toners and the 10 ton aec crane i remember all the gentlemen mentioned i was a great Mt and the Sqn was the best i ever served with

I was there 1981--1985,,,we defo stood out,,,,I remember carrying Captains log around the sqn bar,,,great old days

Hi rugby stalwarts McDermott & Mcluskey and the sensible ones like joe cole, dave pascoe and myself. Yes they were great times , especially in the Quebec barracks bar.Had some great times with Stodge, Berlin twice (relief troop) and after Osnabruck at Barton stacey, were he got posted to and I was at Perham down. All the best guys and anyone else who was there.
Brummie Ashford

hello people this is stodge if you can remember all these great times as clearly as this you weren't drinking enough, they were great times . any one hear from the sadist Dave Jones the cause of great pain and drunkenness. Would love to here from all you people and catch up.

Hi Stodge its Bill one of your old room mates,I remember when you got made up to L/cpl and was told you had to go on a carder the SSM said you could teach the instructors more than they could teach you, you where the main man in the scrum, the paras squeaeld like pigs when the scrum lifted and drove

Hi Stodge we always blamed each other for leaving the beer to drink Asbach. Won a few games of darts, playing doubles with you,especially against arch rival John Foster (MT) and company. Can't remember what happened when the brandy kicked in?
ATB Brummie

Brummie how are you doing I tried to reply last week but had to re register to get on to the website. They were good times and the beer did flow rather well. Goff jones told me about the web site and was nice to see some of the names from the past.

Brummie how are you doing I tried to reply last week but had to re register to get on to the website. They were good times and the beer did flow rather well. Goff jones told me about the web site and was nice to see some of the names from the past.

Had an excellent weekendd to many more. Mike and Christine made it a wonderful weekend for all concerned. Mary and Arthur Basnett (Scouse Basnett) wish to thank you very much for a wonderful weekend! We look forward to many more reunions to come. xx

Hi Stodge can't believe it's been over 30 years since I saw you last at Barton Stalag. Hope life is treating you okay,on reflection the 4 years in 73 were the most memorable for lots of reasons other than the liquid type.If there is anyone else out there who served between formation in 76 and 1980, best wishes from me.

Hi all. I was in HQ Troop from August 1976 until April 1978 including a stint in the Ops Room at Ballykelly (77/78).
Anyone else from that period? John Murphy

73 Brilliant squadron,bloody good rugby team,right bunch of piss heads,shame we had to share with 3 Para who smashed the place up on their last night, the kobes where a bit different, men in skirts.