Tidworth 73-76 8 Field squadron

Are there any old sappers out there that remember me from these days John Povey. I started out as a sapper then became a driver then finished in 76 as OC's personal driver ( Major Rieve) I left just as the squadron returned from Castle Dillon NI.It would be great to hear from anyone who was also there at this time.



Hi John, I suggest you click the chat link at the top of the page - there are a few people there you might know.  Alternatively, do a "Find Members" search to see who else was there at the same time.  REgards, Gordon

First Name Surname Nick name Start year End year
bob Ponter Chunters 1970 1974
David Blyth Titch 1975 1978
John Harrison Geordie 1974 1977
Stephen Brown Yorkie 1974 1978
Robert Hancock Hank 1972 1974
Chris JARVIS   1970 1973
jim spencer   1974 1975
John Duffy Joe 1971 1974
John Lavender John 1970 1973
Kenneth Green Twiggy 1975 1977
mark kerr mark 1976 1978
Mick Earnshaw   1976 1976
Paul Mundy Mundiz 1974 1975
Paul Sinclair   1975 1978
Peter Phillips   1973 1977
JOHN POVEY   1973 1976
Roger Dennis   1973 1974
William ROY Goff   1973 1977
Russell Nettleinghame   1970 1973
Ray Cave Ray 1974 1975
Ian Savill Splash/sav 1974 1975
Stephen Hesketh Tommy bacon 1973 1976
Steven Parker Ginge 1971 1974
David Jones Taff 1973 1976
terry fahey   1972 1976

I remember john Povey along with the Hennesy bros John and Dougie.Had a great time doing Edingborogh castle guard, then off to Cyprus when the Turks invaded building refugee camps in happy Valley. 2 tours at Castle Dillon.Spent most of the time in MT. Firemans strike in Macclesfiled then snow clearin in Sommerset. posted to Cyprus 78.

I remember you, I'm Steve Johnson, I was in 3 troop, the brothers name was Henney, the youngest one was on UN duties when we got to Cyprus.

i remember John Povey and Terry Kirby, i was with 3 Troop from 1972-1976. Any other guys fom that time please contact me, would love to hear from you .

Hi Terry
Alistair Wright here you probably knew me as lefty. we shared a bunk space for a while in Antrim I think, way back in the seventies,
Along wth a few other names from 3Troop 8 Fld Squadron hope to get in touch with a few names from that period

I remember you joining 3 troop Terry.

Hi guys

Malc Pugh here, I was in 3 troop, 8 Sqn from Sept 73 to Sep 76.

I remember John Povey, you had the accident at castle Dillon, Fingers Diamond, Joe Bajer, Cpl Lal and Terry Kirby and I have only recently been in contact with John Henney, he's doing well for himself in Arbroath. I did one tour in Belfast, then off to Cyprus then a tour at Castle Dillon, before I left for civvy st.

Keep safe guys


Hi Malc, how the hell are you , do you remember me from 3 Troop ?

Hi Terry

The name rings a bell in my addled old brain, but I can't put a face to it. Do you have any old pictures of you from those days.

I am still alive and kicking and having worked in aviation for 26+ years, I retired and now only work when I fancy it, otherwise I just look after my chickens and my allotment. How about you, what have you been doing with yourself.


I was on the same tour as you in Castle Dillion, a young Spr called Titch Blyth

I remember you John Povey, I was in 2 trp, L/Cpl Alan Black, terrible with names, any one remember me, 73 to 76?

Hi John. i remember you well mate,

Back in the day I did castle Dillon Cyprus and a few other bits with three troop I took over from John Povey as OC driver I took over from John Henney in Cyprus as store man for the UN troop with the 2nd coldstream guards. Eventually went to 64 AES part of 28 amphibious in Hameln anybody who knows me feel free to get in touch

Anybody know what happened to fingers Diamond Nobby Reed any of the others in Three troop 8 Field |Squadron back in 72 - 76

yours Lefty Wright

Names I still remember here, I was with 3 troop from 72-75, 2 tours in Cyprus and one at Antrim,anyone remember the Irish guy,Eddie
Barr, played footy for the Corp? My muka back then was Steve Prior, from Accrington,My name by the way is Steve Johnson.