Bailey Bridge in Lowestoft built 1969

I'm helping an old sapper out by trying to find anyone from 20 sqn who worked on this bridge. I would be grateful for any information which helps track these guys down.

The link takes you to the local story hopefully someone will reconise it and get back to me.

Any information can be emailed to


Ex Sapper Dave Armstrong



Mercer Spr. 0046
Was part of Lowestoft Bridge party.
Main Road Bridge (swing bridge) across entrance to Harbour broke down and had to be kept in open position. This physically cut the town in half both for transport and pedestrians.
20sqd built a retractable counterbalanced foot bridge to span the gap across the harbour entrance. The bridge was kept in the closed position for pedestrian use unless a vessel needed to enter the harbour, when it would be withdrawn by a small tractor unit to allow the vessel to pass.
When we finished the bridge we were all marched onto the bridge and had to jump up and down to demonstrate to the public that it was safe to use.
Vehicles still had to do a substantial detour by road if they needed to get to the other side of town.