Hi. I was attached to 20 Squadron as a CLO when they went to Malawi in 1974. Does anyone have any photos/memories from that tour?
REgards. John Murphy



I was attached to 20 Sqn for the tour, I was in 66 Plant squadron RE from Longmore Hants, I Have some photos I will send out a search team to locate them and will post them on site.
P.S. how do you post on this site?

Hi Barry. Would be good to see some pics from that tour. I think you go to the page of the relevevant squadron - click on photos - then create new photo.

Ozzey Osborne I was in 20 Sqn in Malawi 74 went out on the advance party to setup the Tented Camp and Accommodation / Water / Power supply. Have some pics I with try and post.

I was in the advance party as well. Good trip. ABBA won the Eurovision. Monkey Bay was a particular highlight. Nigel

I was on the Advance Party and we had TC Tony Criddle as the Full Screw, lost all the photos I had. Bomber