Trying to Find

Am trying to contact my wifes friend Gail She was of great assistance when wife was feeling low whilst I was in Germany.. She lived in Durrant House Invicta Park 1973-75 (next next landing up from ours at No 6). Gail had 1 baby girl at the time. Do not know surname but am sure Families Office may still have family records who lived their at that time.



Trying to find any of these fine fellows
Bernie Monk, Marcus ( Diggers) Digby, Killer Watts, Wez Wesley Henderson, Jona ( Gareth wyn ) Jones
Dave Bury, Buck Clutterbuck, Taff Beauceen
With the aim of getting in touch & meeting up at next years Army v navy game

I'm helping an old sapper out by trying to find anyone from 20 sqn who worked on this bridge. I would be grateful for any information which helps track these guys down.

The link takes you to the local story hopefully someone will reconise it and get back to me.

Any information can be emailed to


Ex Sapper Dave Armstrong

I'm trying to find any of these 20 Sqn Sappers from around the 1969 period. If you can help please email me at

Many Thanks

Paddy Walsh
SSgt Les Wheedon
Spr Keith Bromley
Spr Geordie Doran
Spr Andy Smith
Spr Lurch Hawkins
Spr Gerry Murphy
Spr Elvis Cookson
LCpl Cloggs Colclough
Spr Ed Butler
Spr Brummie Gilbert
Spr Mick Scott
Spr Paddy Ledgewick
Spr Taff Treharne
Spr Scouse Rothwell
Spr Wally Huelin
Spr Bob Carter
LCpl Ginge Mageean
Sgt Eric Price Plant Section
Cpl Ian Plant, now Lt Col Retd
Sgt Bill Hutchings MT
Spr Norman Kane
LCpl Owen Jones
Spr Jock Reed
Tony Dyett