So what do you do if you were on a tour and it's not listed here?  Well, in truth I have deliberately tried not to add tours, as it would then become VERY difficult to navigate through the site.  The easiest way to do this is as the following example;

12 Sqn were on a tour of Antrim from October 1979 to February 1980, and some people were attached to the squadron just for that tour.  However, the squadron's home town (where all the wives lived) was in Osnabruck, and that's really where the squadron was based at that time, so anyone on the Antrim tour should really put themselves down as Osnabruck, 12 Squadron, 1979 to 1980.  That way they will find all the people they were on tour with quite easily.

I hope that's simple enough, but if you've got any questions then please ask me and I'll try to answer them, but bear in mind I only have one brain cell and it seems to only work one day a week!